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dexter_st's Journal

Dexter, on Showtime.
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Buy Dexter: Season 1!

"Dexter Morgan. By day, he's a forensics specialist that hunts down serial killers for the police. By night, he is a serial killer that kills the serial killers he hunts down during the day."

This is a community to celebrate the awesome showtime show known as dexter! There are only a couple of rules:

1. Be considerate. Don't bash unnecessarily or be an asshole. Debate is fine, but don't troll.
2. Try to keep it Dexter-related. Discussion on the latest episode, icons, etc.
3. Lj-cut those spoilers! If it seems like it was done intentionally, I'll ban. If by accident, I'll just delete the post and ask that you repost it under an lj-cut.

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And that's it for now! Tell your friends. :)

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